About Us

One needs to be fully informed of how historical techniques may be incorporated into current living in order to construct excellent tents. Our method includes practices that enhance the appearance, including pattern arrangement, tassels, embroidery, appliqué, and woodblock printing. Our tents offer secure, relaxing, and opulent surroundings that encourage prolonged use.

Our tents provide advanced design, comfort, and shelter from the elements of your outdoor gatherings. We are experts in tents and can quickly direct you to the best course of action. Making events for our clients even more exceptional is the brand's main goal.

We place great importance on creating cutting-edge methods to enhance the performance and standard of our products. We have been able to retain the business's credibility while achieving steady expansion thanks to the dedication, hard work, and cutting-edge skills of our workforce.

We frequently look into innovative ways to raise the efficacy and quality of the merchandise. We work hard to give our customers, who are dispersed over the globe and whose numbers are growing every day, the best tents possible. Our inexpensive, low-maintenance tents are well-liked by clients.

In all facets of our business, including production, wholesale, exporting, and importing, the sense of fulfilment of our customers comes first. The secret to our success is that we place great precedence on the delight of our customers and employees. We focus greatly on quality during the manufacturing process and utilise only the best raw materials. We don't adhere to the "just selling" principle.

Customers may pick from a selection of tents in different types, colours, fabrics, sizes, patterns, and finishes to meet their specifications. From a small gathering to a large one, our range has sizes perfect for every occasion. We can help our cherished clients make the right decision thanks to our significant expertise in providing pitched accommodations for a range of occasions. Whether one is a new or returning client, we consider their needs and accomplish orders expediently. This stands for our character and is what others notice most about us. We have grown our company and established a new benchmark for tent manufacturing. Consequently, we are the top producer and exporter of tents in India.


Our tents are made in the most contemporary and unique designs. Our professional and technical staff put forth endless effort to deliver top-notch service and create revolutionary innovations. As one of India's top tent producers, we can proudly state that we uphold business ethics in all facets of our operations and employ an eco-friendly manufacturing process.


Our tents have been meticulously designed and developed for a range of purposes, including hospital road campaigns, destination weddings, pool parties, beach parties, hiking adventures, and beach parties. Our company manufactures high-quality tents at a reasonable price and ships them internationally. Tents are built from high-quality fabrics, and we provide a broad collection of tents in a variety of types, colours, fabrics, sizes, patterns, and finishes to meet the needs of our customers. Our company makes easy-to-assemble waterproof, rot-proof, and antifungal tents. Our tents add to the inside design and give the event a vintage feel.


Fabric for our tents is carefully chosen for its durability, softness, colour fastness, and weather resistance. We put our items through rigorous testing to make sure they are of the highest calibre. We strive tirelessly to deliver superior products by successfully exceeding our customers' expectations. Our product range requires little upkeep and is made in compliance with global quality standards. Due to the excellent quality, durability, and timely delivery of our products, our company has a long list of reputable clientele. Our tents are well-made and constructed in accordance with standards set by the sector. The reviews of our appreciative and pleased customers speak for themselves, and trust can only be developed by consistently delivering top-notch products and services. This is something we are really proud of, and we are always willing to try new things and give it our best. We enjoy an amazing degree of market awareness as a well-known brand. Our products are in high demand both domestically and abroad owing to their eye-catching appearance, creative designs, and few maintenance needs.


As one of India's leading tent manufacturers and exporters, we welcome large orders at any time and offer a wide range of tents. We never compromise on quality or standards when executing an order. Each item is double-checked during delivery to ensure a flawless outcome. The delivery is finished on schedule. Thanks to our extensive client base and many years of expertise, we can now handle any request. We have evolved throughout time and now provide both modern and vintage designs.


Shamiana combines ingenuity and technology to manufacture tents of the greatest quality. We ensure that consumers receive timely tent service and reasonable prices. One of our company's key goals is to provide the best level of client satisfaction possible. We combine the best canvas and PVC with the best craftsmanship to create high-quality items. We promise an honest and efficient service for tent deliveries in order to develop long-term relationships with our customers. We offer the best products with the quickest response times.


We have a large network of clients that have relied on us, and both new and ongoing client connections have thrived since our inception. We place an exceptional value on client feedback as they are the King for us. It never stops inspiring us to improve. We do not scrimp on the quality of the materials used to construct these tents, but we provide our customers with pricing that makes it easy for them to return to us the following time. We have assembled the best manufacturing crew, who will offer you the best through their diligent effort. Every tent buyer will find everything they need at Shamiana. We make tents that are suitable for both professional and recreational purposes. Among our regular customers for wedding party tents are numerous event management companies that host opulent weddings and parties. Whether hosting formal events or opulent weddings, our tents are sure to make your event breathtaking. Our tents offer unparalleled durability and amazing longevity thanks to the premium materials used in their manufacture. We also provide a range of choices to help you achieve your professional and camping goals. You can be sure that there will never be a dull moment with Shamiana.